Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is so cool!

My name is Rich and I don’t know the first d@mn thing about blogging!  I started writing in high school and college.  Then, life took over.  I stopped writing short stories and poems and started writing operations orders, white papers and proposals.  I’ve written three books in my imagination, but, until a week ago, I hadn’t written anything remotely like a blog.  I’ve been reading the work of a former colleague ABOUT THE SAME and I just, simply, thoroughly enjoy what Megan writes.  It’s well written. It’s goofy. It makes me laugh.  It is wonderfully random.  It makes me think….AND….it inspired me to take out my pen and start writing.  

And write I have, I’ve secretly been storing up posts for months (OK, it was only three – as far as you know!), trying to decide if I had the courage, ambition, and time to try my hand at it.  Last weekend, a short 5 days ago I started.  WOW!  THIS IS COOL.  I have no idea how long this will last or where it will take me – but I like it.

So far, my posts have been a little more serious than I imagine they might be, but here’s the thing, they’re just sort of popping out…you know, like mushrooms emerging from a big pile of, um, fertilizer!  Not only that, but people ACTUALLY read what I write, I’ve even suckered YOU into hanging around for more than 200 words.  In a week, my posts have been viewed 140 times (even if I count for 50 of them that’s still a whole bunch).  I even have 3 people (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!) who have “subscribed.” Brave foolish souls that they are, they are actually, willfully sharing their time with me…because of what I write, because I JUST MIGHT say something that makes them laugh or smile, or think or reflect or just simply enjoy life. 

THIS IS SO COOL!  (He says as he feels his body drifting off into a teen like state of delirium, just without the body to go with it.)

I find myself wondering if there will be more of you.  What if MORE people read what I write?  What would that mean?  Would it be good?  What would it ffffeeeeelll like?  I think about blogging at random moments when interesting, good, bad, wonderful, horrible, special, awful, delicious, decadent things happen.  Yesterday, I realized two very important things. 1) I am really enjoying this.  If I am the only person who reads this, I want to keep doing it.  It is cathartic and it makes me happy.  2) I really like the idea that someone else might benefit in their own personal way because of something I write.  THAT IS SO COOL!

All of which leads me to this.   I really ought to learn about blogging, and hash tags and tweets and retweets and all of that stuff that “real bloggers” know about… BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY…

What could you be doing that would bring you great joy in your life.  Remember, back in the day when you sang, danced, drew, painted, ran, lifted, swam, wrote Haikus, or just sat and read. Don’t you miss it?  What if you gave yourself 30 minutes a day or every other day to do whatever it is that makes you happy for no reason whatsoever except that it makes you happy?  Just think a week from now, you could be sitting there with The Guy, or The Gal in the mirror having a cup of coffee smiling and a silently saying to yourself…THAT IS SO COOL!

PS Wanna know a secret???  My 11 year old daughter gets to read my blogs before you do. She likes it…and friends….THAT is WWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY  CCCCOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!


  1. That is SO COOL!!! You really should've been doing this all along. You're a far better writer than I am, too, and I'm so glad you started this. I'm hooked!!

  2. Thank you very much Megan, I appreciate your support. Of course, I completely disagree with you about who's the better author. That's said, I love your comments and encouragement...they mean more than you know. Have a great weekend! Thank YOU for encouraging my lunacy! :)

  3. I'm quietly advertising for you :)